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Aditya Steels


Aditya Steel Industries is committed to provide the best quality products through high technology machines as well as highly experienced employees.


Our tube mills are fully automated, highly advanced & specially designed with Taiwan Technology to manufacture stainless steel tubes and pipes with high accuracy as well as high production with the latest TIG welding TRICATHODE system of ITALY, EUROPE. These tube mills have inferred ray sensor system to examine the quality of welding and is the only one of its kind.
We have eight tube mills that can produce tube/pipe sizes from 3/8” to 5”. These precision tube mills are capable to meet your requirement of low thickness précised tubes and pipes.
All the tube mills are equipped with the latest online finishing equipment as per international standards and industrial requirements.


Our rolls are specially designed for stainless steel tubes and pipes( Round as well as Hollow section) imported from Taiwan with special material, Grade – Cr12MOV for forming & sizing and SKD61 for welding roll with required heat treatment and hardness that gives better quality of welding which is no comparison to others.
These rolls provide better finishing quality and précised sizes of tubes and pipes which will make a difference to others.


Our polishing machines have been imported from Taiwan. We have 8 heads polishing machine to polish round tubes and 32 heads polishing machine to polish hollow section. These polishing machines are also fully automated, highly advanced & specially designed with the latest technology for better shining and mirror finish.
We also use imported polishing material for the best shining of tubes/pipes which makes our products different from others.
All our machines are driven by highly experienced engineers that’s why no comparison to others

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