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How to choose the right stainless steel grade?

Stainless steel is an excellent invention of mankind’s history. It is a commonly used material in applications ranging from chemical storage to medical instruments or power generation to transport. Stainless steel has high strength, hygiene, and corrosion resistance. But finding the best stainless steel pipes manufacturer is a quite challenging task.
Basically, stainless steel is a metal alloy made up of a combination of nickel, chromium, steel, and other metals. The versatility in the various applications makes stainless steel different from other materials. While there are more than 3,500 grades of steel and all grades are not created equally.
Since stainless steel is an excellent metal that provides different kinds of alloys. And picking the right grade stainless steel can go a long way to assuring that your work is done seamlessly.
Here is the list of 5 points to remember when you are selecting the appropriate stainless steel grade:


Stainless steel is usually chosen for the corrosion-resistant property. You have to consider the type of amount of corrosion-resistant that is required. Various grades come with different corrosion-resistant amount.
The primary concerns are climatic conditions; the concentration tiers of specific chemicals combine the appearance of chlorine and acid. To circumvent stress corrosion cracking that occurs with Austenitic stainless steel, you can go for Duplex stainless steel. If you are from the north region and looking for an affordable steels manufacturer in Haryana, then you can settle for Aditya Steel Industries.


Before searching for stainless steel grade, you must consider the environment for performing. Go through the point at which condition you are going to use the product.
For instance, it’s okay to use stainless steel for making the door frames in your offices or home. Ordinary stainless steel can’t sustain high temperatures, low pH, crevice corrosion, and high stresses.


The three top mechanical qualities of stainless steel are ductility, toughness, and strength. Stainless steel generally comes in 10 to 30% of chromium as its alloying element that helps to resist corrosion.
High strength stainless steels are available in duplex, martensitic, and austenitic grades.
Moreover, be assured when choosing the grade of stainless steel, you should not focus only on the alloy content.
It is 100% correct that heat treatment can raise the hardness of carbon steels, but cold working operations harden austenitic stainless steel. It includes swaging, rolling, bending, and drawing at temperatures lower than the recrystallization temperature.


Stainless steels have a large family with various physical properties. The magnetic properties of stainless steel are known by the elements added into the alloy.
The basic stainless steel shows a ‘ferritic’ structure. And it can be hardened by adding carbon, making it ‘martensitic.’
While commonly stainless steel is generally austenitic with high chromium content.
Austenitic grades have ‘relative magnetic permeability’, or we can say low magnetic reaction. For instance, the 310 or 316 grades are assured non-magnetic in every situation.


In order to choose a good stainless steel grade, from all the above points finding a cost-effective product is a must. Obviously, the price is the main factor, and it should be adjusted with different contemplations. Your business or company requires profitable, high performing, premium quality, and cost-effective stainless steel applicants.
The cost must be justified according to quality.



Since there is a variety of stainless steel to choose from, but you have to find out which stainless steel suits you according to your requirement. If you are searching for stainless steel tube supplier in Kaithal, then you should select the best stainless steel pipes, manufacturer.
Adityasteels is the best stainless steel pipe manufacturers in Haryana. You will get a wide range of industrial applications like manufacturing textile industry, machining tools, chemical, defense, medical, aerospace, and many others. Read More…

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